About Mirrors

Mirrors are intriguing objects. I remember my mother telling me not to show a mirror to my baby daughter. She said, “babies get scared and confused seeing a mirror”.
Infants do not have a clear definition of me and mine, or mine and NOT mine. There is no way for them to understand that it is 'my' image. Also, watching a human form inside a flat space must be puzzling to them.
Tarot cards can have a similar effect on people in initial encounters. One can argue that essentially Tarot cards are just what a mirror is – just an image. But what you see in a mirror depends on who you are. And thus Tarot cards are truly mirrors of the soul. Two people may see different meanings of the same static image. Tarot cards can leave you worried, intrigued, maybe even scared.
When infants grow up to get a bearing of self and the world around, they are more comfortable with what they see. Their curiosity is kindled, and now want to 'catch' and touch that same image in mirror. Its the beginning of a great new journey of exploration with oneself.
Join me in this fascinating journey with Tarot cards.